Click on the title or the image of each of the pieces below to view a larger photo and more detailed description.
Moonglow Necklace
Age of the Dinosaur Necklace
Jasper Landscape Pendant
Mosaic Pendant/Pin
Crater Necklace
Cavern Necklace
Blue Winged Necklace
Blue Landscape Necklace
Grapevine Necklace
Wood Opal Necklace
Amethyest Necklace
Leaf Pendant
Dinosaur Pendant
Feathered Necklace
Pyramid Necklace
Starred Diamond Necklace
Grape Leaf Necklace
Bird of Paradise Necklace
Lily Pin/Pendant
Bird Necklace
Fan Necklace
Ginkgo Leaf Pin/Pendant
Reticulated Pin/Pendant
Grape Leaf Pin

The above jewelry is for sale and cannot be duplicated as such since each piece is uniquely designed to compliment the gem and metal. Therefore my gallery of jewelry will continually change as pieces are sold.If you have an heirloom stone that you would like set into a piece of jewelry (whether it be a ring, bracelet, earrings, pendant or necklace,) I can be contacted via email. Three illustrations will be provided for a minimal fee of $25. The finished product depends on the complexity and type of metal used in the jewelry. Please allow at least 4 weeks for the design and 6 weeks for the finished jewelry.

Each piece of jewelry is copyrighted and may not be used for any other purpose without written permission.