Each piece of jewelry is inspired by a natural mineral chosen carefully for its color and cut; consequently, no two pieces of jewelry are alike. I think of my jewelry as recreating forms of nature whether it be landscapes, or organic and bird forms. By using palettes of colored stones, 18K gold and sterling silver with high relief chasing and repoussé, they (the jewelry) are nature in miniature. The techniques vary according to the characteristic of the mineral, but all allow an opportunity to express jewelry in a non- tradition, poetic and physical manner.

Recently we have begun designing more pieces of jewelry that will compliment your outfit and accessories. This is a brand new venture that we are very happy about because we have been such huge fans of eyewear accent additions for a long time now.

On a side note, I wanted to share my sincere thanks to the great contractors at American Craftsmen in Wilmington, DE and Sama Services in Wilmington, DE. They completely renovated my workshop so now my art can be produced quicker and at a much higher level of quality. Thanks!